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My Name is Courtney Jane Maxwell!

I have been piercing since 2005, and claimed TRX Tattoos in my native St. Louis, Missouri as my home for most of that time.  In September 2012 I officially became a Minnesotan when I moved north to join piercing family at Saint Sabrina’s.  

I am an active member of the Association of Professional Piercers and every spring I participate in the annual A.P.P. conference to continue my education.  In the past few years I have had the honor of attending as an instructor as well.

When I’m not at work, I can usually be found at home hanging out with my rabbits.  I’m a bit of a homebody (nerd) normally, but I also really enjoy traveling and I do love a good road trip.  My job gives me plenty of fun excuses to hit the road, and I try to visit other piercing studios across the country whenever possible.  It’s a lot of fun, but it also give me the opportunity to work side by side with other professionals in a different environments, and continue to grow as a piercer>

Aside from bunnies and other piercers, I actually get a huge amount of joy from the people I pierce.  Psychology, Sociology, and Anthropology are some of my favorite subjects,  and part of the reason I love my job so much is having a chance to engage in rituals of modern cultural expression with my clients.  There are so many reason people come to get pierced, and those reasons tell such amazing stories about what it means to be human.  

I love working with all types of people and I do all varieties of piercings, including surface piercings and surface anchors (a.k.a microdermals), male and female genital piercings, oral/facial piercings, ear projects, and even just earlobes!  I'm quite passionate about jewelry as well, and enjoy helping clients navigate all the amazing options out there from the simplest gold bead to elaborate custom pieces. 

In addition to piercing services, I’m also available for all types of outreach work.  I am happy to speak at schools about piercing safety, or work with medical professionals/hospitals to train their staff in piercing troubleshooting, as well as jewelry insertion and removal techniques.  I have written guest posts for a variety of blogs, and been interviewed for everything from web shows to thesis papers, so if you want/need the input of a piercer for whatever project you are working on feel free to contact me!

Courtney's Hours

Monday: 2p - 10p
Tuesday: 11a - 7p

Wednesday: 11a - 7p

Saturday: 11a - 7p

Sunday: 12p - 7p

Please keep in mind that vacations, illnesses or temporary schedule changes may affect when a piercers is at the shop. It's always a good idea to call ahead to make sure a specific piercer is working.